Selection of the Universities in various disciplines like Engineering, Business Studies, IT etc

UEConsultant is an organization set up by several top level professionals placed at various corporate levels in Europe, Asia and North America who are experts in Education at the foreign universities. We can make the admission process hassle free and guide the students into a successful admission.

Our experience over the years taught us the issues of concern for the prospective students. We handle them very carefully and guide the students to choose the right discipline suitable for their career needs. We are successful in placing around 1500 students in various Universities across the world till date.


With our Network across Europe, Asia and North America, we can help the South-East Asian students getting cheap accommodation as per their need.

Flight tickets

We have our own registered travel agencies in various countries to provide international flight tickets.

Student Work Permit

In Europe, the students can work up to 80 hours/month. We help students to get student work permit.

Internship/Job Opportunities

We help the students to get Internship/Jobs during or/and at the completion of their study.

Residential Permit on Completion of the Study

We help in arranging the residential permit for the willing students to stay in their preferred location at the completion of their study.

A close contact with the South-East Asian Community present at the locality

With our network, we help the students to feel at home and introduce them to the local community. They can engage themselves from the procurement of South – East Asian groceries to the celebration of festivals like Eid, Diwali, Onam, Pongal, Christmas, Buddha Purnima, Dusshera.

Insurance/bank Accounts in the European banks

Personal Insurance and personal bank accounts are mandatory in various European countries. With our Banking professionals, we provide that service to the students.